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If you want to be our seller, register here. - The Top Rated Underground Vclub Carding Marketplace is one of the top underground carding markets in the world. It has been around for over two years, and has been a staple in the underground carding community for many years. The website is well organized and has a high success rate. It boasts of a membership of over 100,000 members. Besides offering a variety of services, is also a sponsor of the Omerta carding forum, which is the official partner of Brian's Club. is an underground carding marketplace with a reputation for being one of the best. While Brian's Club is considered the most popular underground carding market, it is not the only one. You can also find similar services on, such as Joker's Stash replacement services. Vclub carding charges a small registration fee of 25 USD to join, but you can access hundreds of thousands of credit card dumps for this price.

Brian's Club as official sponsor of Omerta vclub carding forum

A popular underground forum for credit card Vclub carding trading has partnered with Brian's Club to become its official sponsor. The site offers a marketplace for compromised credit cards. At its peak, the site had over 30 million cards for sale, but law enforcement officials interrupted the service in December 2020. As a result, many of its members are looking for alternative markets.

The site offers compromised cards from most countries. There are over one thousand compromised cards for sale, with prices ranging from $4 to $32,00 USD for CVVs and $8.29 to $61,43 USD for Dumps. Its interface is polished and easy to navigate. The information on each card is well-organized and there are no distracting bugs.

Registration fee for vclub carding

The or Vclub carding marketplace is a popular choice among card collectors. This platform offers access to hundreds of thousands of dumps and 100,000 compromised credit cards. The registration fee is $25. The service has received negative reviews from users who complain about the quality of cards.

Minimum deposit

While Brian's Club is the most famous carding marketplace, it's not the only one. The underground Vclub carding marketplace is another option that's growing in popularity. Unlike Joker's Stash, Vclub carding charges a low one-dollar minimum deposit for activation. For this small amount, users gain access to hundreds of thousands of compromised credit cards.